*With permission, Historical photographs of IWU

A. Stimulate Your Senses:

What is this place? What is available in this place?

This is the Beta Kappa house during initiation. It looks like the dining room of the house so food and drinks are available.

Who is in the photo? What is that person doing?

Beta Kappa members are in this photo. The people are all sitting around and standing around a long dining room table.

Where is this place? When was the photo taken?

This is in the Beta Kappa house, which no longer exists on campus, but I'm assuming it was a fraternity. This photo was taken a long time ago. I know this because it is a black and white photo.

When does it appear this photo is taken? Now? in the Past?

This photo appears to be taken in the past because it is black and white.

B. Change:

What's changed? What's still the same? What replaced this scene and why?

Now, we can take pictures in color. This is a fraternity, but it is no longer one a IWU (so it has changed). They are all wearing suits, which makes sense because it is during initiation (this is what stayed the same). Now, at IWU, during initiation, students dress up too.

C. Imagine You Are There:

Write a letter about how your day was when this picture was taken.

Since I am not a man, I am not be in this picture. I am therefore not a part of the Beta Kappa house. Instead, I am just a student at the school. Since it is initiation time, the men are very busy with their fraternities while I am busy with school work. I don't see very many men around campus, especially my boyfriend. He is in the Beta Kappa house. Can you see him? He's the one in the front of the picture on the right with the big thick glasses. He is not looking at the camera, which is probably because he is thinking about me.


I am super jealous of your boyfriend. His looks just knock my socks off. I would want to be over at the Beta Kappa house all the time if I were you. I wish that I saw even one man at my school. But unfortunately my mom sent me to St. Mary's where there are nothing but girls. Girls everywhere! Gosh I have to come visit you sometime. Maybe your boyfriend can introduce me to one of his Beta Kappa friends? Let me know about that. I can't wait to get out of Indiana. But hopefully I'll be able to sneak away soon and come see you.

I miss you!