A. Stimulate Your Senses:

What is this place? What is available in this place? How can you get it?

Who is in the photo? What is that person doing?

Where is this place? When was the photo taken?

When does it appear this photo is taken? Now? in the Past? How do you know?

A. Below Front Street there lies a "secret" place. A place that is a retreat for men. They go here to get away from their wives and kids, but also to get their hair cut, their beards shaved, their mustaches trimmed, and perhaps even to bond. The men in the photo are the barbers who will take care of you when you come in. Except for the man in black on the right- he is the owner. This photo was taken just before opening on a Wednesday morning- the busiest day at this barbershop because all of the men come in for their weekly shave before the weekly church social. Notice that the owner is standing in front of an entire wall of shaving mugs. This is representative of just how busy they get. (ISWP)

B. Change:

What's changed? What's still the same? What replaced this scene and why?

A lot has changed since then. In the picture we received the impression that more men cut hair than women. Today, it seems as though more women cut hair then men. The foot rests back then only had individual places for your feet; today barbers´╗┐hops may just have a single bar to rest your feet on. What has not changed is the chairs. The chairs still have the heavy cushioning and still have a foot rest. The chairs can still rotate and move higher or lower. Additionally, the mirrors have remained the same. This is mainly due to the fact that it is important to have in a barbershop. What was replaced in this scene was the sink in the center. Today, there would not be a sink in the middle of the room, it would just be over to the side. Furthermore, the lights that hang down would now be a part of the ceiling. We admire the changes in the history of the barbershop and its features.

Group Joseph/EHS 10

C. Imagine You Are There:

Write a letter about how your day was when this picture was taken.

Tothe editor:

I did not appreciate your photographer being sent in this morning to photograph me and my employees. Not the fact that the picture was taken, but the timing. As I'm sure you know, Wednesday is our busiest day at my barbershop and so I had hoped that when I earlier agreed to the interview and photograph that this would be taken into consideration. However, I am happy to say that this did coincide with my shop being very clean and presentable and hopefully this will draw in more business.

Again, I am not displeased with the photograph or the interview in and of themselves, only the timing. Please take this into consideration the next time you would like to contact me.

Thank you,

Jess Hartzell (ISWP)

Great point of view, Cole! Clever and outside of the box! Ashley ;0) (ISWP)