*With permission, Historical photographs of IWU

A. Stimulate Your Senses:

What is this place? What is available in this place? How can you get it?

Who is in the photo? What is that person doing? How do you know?

Where is this place? When was the photo taken?

When does it appear this photo is taken? Now? in the Past? How do you know?

This is a football field where athletes have the opportunity to play football. You can get a football field by clearing an area, putting up goalposts, and making lines appropriate to the game rules. The people in this photo are football players most likely from Illinois State University. They are on the field in their defensive stance. You can know this by looking at the picture and having a knowledge of football positions. This place is located in Central Illinois, in Bloomington. The photo was taken on the football field at ISU. Because the picture is black and white and the jerseys are more old fashioned than today's jerseys, you can tell that it was taken in the past. It also looks like the photo was taken during the day because the sky looks light. (Michael's Group)

B. Change:

What's changed? What's still the same? What replaced this scene and why?

Some things that have changed are the quality of the photo, the uniforms, the football field, and the scenery around the area. The quality of the photo is pixely and blurry compared to today's photos which are digital and very clear. The uniforms are also different. The pads look different and the helmets are very different than today. The football field and scenery have changed in terms of being bigger with more commercialism and buildings. Some things that are the same are the objective of the game, the number of players on the field, and the setup of the field. Because of the change in time, the football field now looks more modern and the scenery has been replaced with more buildings. The football players are also replaced with better equipment. (Michael's Group)

C. Imagine You Are There:

Write a letter about how your day was when this picture was taken.

Today I went to watch the ISU football team practice. The Redbirds came ready to practice full gear with their pads, cleats, and and helmets and practice jerseys. They started off with a warm up run around the field then circled up to stretch. Then the coaches took each player with their specific position and worked with them. They did many passing, running, and defensive drills. There was one defensive drill that they did where they had to stand in the defensive stance and work on moving their feet and tackling the player. Overall, it was a lot of fun watching the Redbirds practice. They looked very skilled and I can't wait to watch them play! (Michael's Goup)