*With permission, Historical photographs of IWU

A. Stimulate Your Senses:

What is this place? What is available in this place?

This place is a building that used to be on IWU's campus. (Hedding Hall)

Who is in the photo? What is that person doing?

There is a fire in this picture. Firefighters are trying to put out the fire.

Where is this place? When was the photo taken?

This video was taken during the fire of Hedding Hall on January 10, 1943.

When does it appear this photo is taken? Now? in the Past?

This video was taken during the fire of Hedding Hall on January 10, 1943.

B. Change:

What's changed? What's still the same? What replaced this scene and why?

This building does not stand on IWU's campus anymore.

C. Imagine You Are There:

Write a letter about how your day was when this picture was taken.

It was an ordinary day on Illinois Wesleyan's campus. Classes just started for second semester. Sitting at my desk starting my research paper that was due the following week, I started to smell smoke. My roommate Jessica slammed the door open as she ran in returning from the bathroom. She yelled at me to grab everything that was important to me, and get out of the building. The floor above us had started on fire, and the flames were spreading quickly. I grabbed my wallet, my journal, a warm jacket, and a few other important things. Jessica and I ran down the stairs. Everyone was screaming and crying. The next few hours were a blurry. Lights, sirens, water hoses, and firemen are all I can picture from that time. That day was the last day Hedding Hall would stand tall on IWU's campus.

Response: Your description seems so realistic. I wonder if that is why we have to have so many fire drills now! Obviously they didn't in 1943 since people took personal belongings out with them instead of leaving quickly! (Just kidding!) I wonder if they really couldn't stop the fire and had to close the building soley for that reason. That would be crazy if the whole building burned down and everyone lost all of their possessions.