*With permission, Historical photographs of IWU

A. Stimulate Your Senses:

What is this place? What is available in this place?

Who is in the photo? What is that person doing?

Where is this place? When was the photo taken?

When does it appear this photo is taken? Now? in the Past? This is a picture of the 1923 Illinois Wesleyan basketball team. These people are posing for a team picture. This photo was taken in the past.

B. Change:

What's changed? What's still the same? What replaced this scene and why?

The uniforms and shoes have changed. Today, this scene would like pretty alike. It would be in color today with different uniforms.

C. Imagine You Are There:

Write a letter about how your day was when this picture was taken. Dear Mom, I haven't written in awhile, so I thought I would tell you about the day I had yesterday. I was having a horrible day. I only had twenty minutes to get dressed and ready for the team basketball picture and I couldn't find my shoes. I knew coach would kill me if I was late to the team picture. I'm late for everything. Also, it was pouring rain outside and I couldn't find my umbrella. To top off the day, you know how much I hate pictures. I know you're wondering why I was late this time. Well, my nap ran a little long. Those eight am. classes are killers. When you see the picture, you will notice I probably have an irritated look on my face. I barely made it in time for the picture. I'm pretty sure they would have taken it without me. That would have been great. Oh well, at least it's over. I can't stand taking pictures. Hopefully I see you soon! Dear Honey,

I hope your next practice is a little better. I really think you need to be on time though. I thought I taught you time management back at home! Oh and please don't try to make that face in a's embarrassing for your father and I. We don't want to see our little sugar dumpling as a hoodrat! Hope the rest of your week goes great!

Love, Mom